Dear Customer,


If you wish to purchase products from our online store, we will provide you a guide on how to go through our online shop. (Due to the fact that the language of our online shop and the products/product descriptions are only in German)

Nevertheless it is quite simple and with a few clicks you are good to go.


Below you will find a simple guide to help you to finish your order at our online shop!

Please make sure to click on the online shop page and go through the product categories and choose the product you want to purchase.

Explanation of icons and words:
Verfügbar - Available
Nicht verfügbar - Not Available

3-5 Tage Lieferzeit - 3 up to 5 days until it will be delivered
In den Warenkorb - add to the cart

1. Choose the product you like and click on "In den Warenkorb".

Explanation of icons and words:
Anzahl - Amount
Einzelpreis - Price per piece

Zwischensumme - sub-total cost
Versandkosten - Shipping cost
Gesamtkosten - total cost


2. After you are done with shopping, you can proceed to the cart  (which is on the right top corner and has also a cart symbol) where you will find an overview of the product you have added to the cart.


3. In the overview you can add a comment in the field below if you have any requests. If everything is correct  you can click on "Nächster Schritt" which means next step and proceed to fill out the form for your address

 So in the next step, you have to fill out your address or the address of the person you want us to send the package to. (Small reminder we only send to countries in the European Union (EU)) You can change the delivery address and the invoice address by simply making a tick in the square "andere Lieferadresse".


Explanation of icons and words:

Stadt - City
Postleitzahl - ZIP code

Straße Nr. - Street + Number

Vorname - First name
Nachname - Last name

4. After you have filled out everything , Name, Street, Location and ZIP code etc. you can also add a comment or request in the last empty field (Anmerkung).

Fields marked with a * are mandatory and have to be filled out.


We are almost there.
Now you can choose your payment method.
You have the choice between:

or paying in advance (Vorkasse)


5. If you choose PayPal, you will get redirected to the Paypal page and from then you just follow the steps of Paypal.

If you choose Vorkasse, you will get our bank data and you have to transfer money to our bank account. After we have received the money, we will immediately start to process the order. (Please be patient, as from bank to bank it differs and it can take a few days until the money arrives at our bank account)

And you are almost done.

In this overview you can check again your address and the products you want to buy. If everything is correct, a tick at the square at the bottom has to be made and by clicking "Kaufen" (Buy), you are finished and we will receive your order and process it as soon we have received the money.


Congratulations, you have finished your order at Daeyang. Now you can just relax and wait until your order will arrive.

Of course you can write an e-mail (kundenservice@dae-yang.de) or call us if you have any questions.
(In case you have a question regarding your order, please make sure to state your customer/order number)