Our supermarket Daeyang was opened in 1984 in Düsseldorf, Germany. At that time Daeyang was the only Asian supermarket which provided ,next to Korean products, also Japanese products. Daeyang did not only offer Japanese and Korean producs but was also known for the big and rich variety of fresh fish. 
And this is also where the origin of the name Daeyang comes from. Daeyang consists out of two Hanja ((;dae) (; yang)) which roughly translates into "Big Ocean/Great Ocean".
From time to time Daeyang developed itself further and further. Additional parts of other stores were added to Daeyang in order to make more space for the products. Also new and different products were added to the product list. Instead of food only, Daeyang also started to offer household article (Rice cooker, pans etc) and non-food (plates, chopsticks etc.) products.

From the opening until now our Supermarket has established itself as an integral part of Düsseldorf.

Until this day Daeyang constantly continues to develop itself, not only to provide our customers the newest products but also to give them a homefeeling / feeling of Asia. People who are not familiar with Asia, get the opportunity to get a glance and dive into a whole new world of food and experience a bit of Asia.


Make sure to visit our supermarket and take a piece of Asia with you!


Every Saturday we prepare delicious Japanese specialities. Next to sushi and onigiri we also offer takoyaki, ebi-fry, yakitori, gyoza and many more! Don't miss the opportunity and drop by!


Every tuesday to saturday starting from 11:30am we offer fresh sushi for you! On monday is day off for our sushi master. If you have any special request or want to order something, drop by or make a quick call.



We offer daily a variety of fresh fish (fresh North Sea Salmon, or freshly caught Maguro from Greece), selfmade tamago by our sushi master and freshly made tofu from Germany!