Here you will find the latest news about our supermarket and online shop.


Those products are only available in our store in Düsseldorf (OFFLINE) (Due to the fact that it is available only for a short amount of time)! So drop by and discover new products for yourself, your friends and family!


The Japan Day comes closer day by day. Soon we will let you guys know what you can expect! In the meanwhile, in case you guys have questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or phone!

International Orders online

Dear Customers,


From now on (if you are living in the  following countries: Netherlands, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Austria, Poland) you can order in our shop. 
It took a while but now it is online!


Dear customers,

As you already can see we have updated the website visually and also user-friendly for you due to the fact that our old website did not correspond with the year 2017 and hence we decided to give it a new look. The new updates also include a new update for our onlineshop. Below you will find the new changes and what you can expect in the future.


New webdesign

The new webdesign is now more visually appealing and has now several language options. Now you will be able to also get to know more about our local supermarket and will be notified about new things regarding the store and how you can visit us.


Note: Unfortunately we can only provide the onlineshop in one language. We are sorry to announce that it will be only in German. But do not worry, we got your back! In the category "How to order" we explain or here , how you can make easily an order in a few steps!

1. Improving the interface

We have improved the interface of the website in order to guarantuee a smooth and simple user-experience. We improved the categories and removed the sub-sub-categories. So you do not have to click through tons of categories to find your product.

2. No login-account anymore

Due to the change on a different system, we do not have any kind of login-account system anymore. Every order is now doable without any inconvenient and unnecessary login. So for every NEW order you make, you have to fill in your name, adress etc. again.

3. Change in assortment of goods

We decided to remove our frozen-food assortment. In addition to that we removed products from the product list which were either not up to date anymore or which do not align with the "European Food Information Regulation". (Products need to have labels in German which state the ingredients the nutritional values as it provides people who buy it with necessary information before purchase). When the time comes and more products have these labels we will update them and add them in the onlineshop. But for now we only have that much in our onlineshop.

4.Customer service

Our goal is to improve customer service. So we decided to implement necessary steps in order to do so. Customers who have questions and problems can write an e-mail to our customer service! (Which will be answered asap)





The year 2021 has started! Our Team Dae-Yang wish all of you a happy and healthy new year! 

Same as the last year, we try to continue our newly set goals (see above) and improve our store on a daily basis. Any feedback is appreciated!


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question!


Our container with Japanese products arrived! We have now old as well as new products which you can get exclusively in our supermarket. You can choose from Melon-Soda, tea, ricecrackers to various types of pocky. Also people who are in love with ramen will also love the new products we have now in stock. So  drop by and do not miss out these products!


 (Unfortunately some of these products are not available in our onlineshop. Therefore we recommend you to drop by directly in our local supermarket in Düsseldorf)